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Caricature Valérie Trierweiler & Michèle Obama

caricature,valérie trierweiler,au trou,fanzine,satirique,anarchiste,zombi,michèle obama,washington,editorial cartoon,dessin,presse,journal

I must admit I was myself shocked by Barack Obama kissing his (regular) wife in public a few month ago in a TV-Show to play the 'nice guy' (same who gave the order to kill Ben Laden in the circumstances that US-Press is hiding to the world): this was frankly disgusting! And frightening, because as we say in France, knowing it from the German invasions: 'Romantic people are potential mass-murderers'.


Caricature Obama & Romney

caricature,barack obama,washington,mitt romney,au trou,fanzine,anarchiste,satirique,editorial cartoon,zombi,dessin,presse,journal,usa,états-unis

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